The first preliminary talks to found an international umbrella organization for neural therapy took place in October 2011. After further discussions in Frankfurt and Istanbul, the IFMANT was founded in Germany on 2 November 2012 in Baden Baden.
At the General Assembly on November 2, 2018, Brazil and Italy were admitted as full members and Hungary as extraordinary member.
The last General Assembly and new election of the Board took place on 4 October 2019 at the Radisson Blu Park Royal Palace Hotel, Vienna.

Charta Neural Therapy 2016

 IFMANT tasks and objectives:

IFMANT evaluates in which countries Neural Therapy associations are established and the status of associations in the health system of the respective country.
IFMANT accepts only medical Neural Therapy associations as members.
IFMANT acts as an observer on the Neural Therapy education in the individual countries, as defined in the evidence sheet for Neural Therapy associations, in order to achieve and guarantee comparable educational standards.
IFMANT facilitates the contact and cooperation between the respective Neural Therapy associations
IFMANT facilitates the exchange of scientific information among the member associations.
IFMANT provides an overview of the developments and the progress of the method.
IFMANT helps worldwide in the collection and dissemination of neural therapeutic publications.
IFMANT supports internationally the development of scientific foundations of Neural Therapy.
IFMANT publishes the programs of the annual international and other important neural therapeutic events.
IFMANT is in contact with organizations that are responsible for the public health policy in order to make public the degree of recognition and the importance of the method.